Miche Primato jarrupari

69,90 €
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Miche Primato jarrupari on tyylikäs valinta, ne ovat todella suorituskykyiset ja saaneet hyvää testimenestystä.


Miche Primato brakes Budget brakes that don't compromise. Have performance to match some of the best brakes on test. The standard pads are pretty good on alloy rims, and the quick release has a nice secure operation. They give predictable and precise control when you need to stop. They also have a very attractive price tag. Well built, very powerful performers at a great price. Cycling Plus 4/5

Miche Primato brakes A pleasant surprise. They have a slightly stiffer feel, but offer great control and a lot of stopping power. Considering they come with cartridge style pad holders and good standard pads and are a quality bit of kit, they're the obvious choice in the value for money stakes. They really are one of those affordable little gems that crop up all to rarely nowadays. Cycling Plus BEST FOR VALUE

Miche Primato brakes Miche are back with a bang and the Primato dual-pivot brake callipers combine inspiring design, superb performance with a price tag and build quality set to delight enthusiasts and worry the competition. Road CC


  • Materiaali: Alumiini, ruuvit ja mutterit erikoisvalmisteisesta teräksestä
  • Jarrupalojen väli: 40-50mm
  • Jarrupalat: Korkean suorituskyvyn kumiseos
  • Väri: Musta
  • Paino: 355g
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