We'll have the right stem for you whether you ride a vintage or a fixie bike. Before you purchase any stems, we'll recommend measuring not once but twice. Your fork will need a stem that is either 1" or 1 1/8" in diameter - unless you need a quill stem. Another place to measure is your handlebar, as you will need the size of the attachment point from it. Stems size and angle will affect your riding position - remember that most modern stems can also be assembled upside down, so you may decide if you want a comfortable or aggressive riding position.

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  1. Dia Compe Gran Compe Classic Road Quill ohjainkannatin
  2. Paul Components Boxcar ohjainkannatin
  3. BLB Lil Quill ohjainkannatin
  4. Cinelli Vai ohjainkannatin
  5. Deda Elementi Zero ohjainkannatin
  6. Deda Elementi Cortissimo Fixie ohjainkannatin
  7. Cinelli Dinamo ohjainkannatin
  8. Deda Elementi Murex ohjainkannatin (kiiltävä)
  9. Cinelli Top Cap
  10. Deda Elementi Superleggero ohjainkannatin
    €79.00 Regular Price €139.90
  11. Deda Elementi Murex ohjainkannatin (matta)
    €19.00 Regular Price €39.90
  12. Deda Elementi Logo ohjainkannatin
    €12.90 Regular Price €22.90
  13. Deda Elementi Zero1 ohjainkannatin
    €19.00 Regular Price €32.90
  14. Cinelli Mash CNC ohjainkannatin
    €69.00 Regular Price €119.00
  15. Cinelli DNA ohjainkannatin
    €10.00 Regular Price €22.95
  16. Cinelli Pista ohjainkannatin
  17. Cinelli 1A Quill ohjainkannatin
  18. Cinelli Mash Pista ohjainkannatin
    €69.00 Regular Price €119.00
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24 Items

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